SOPMOD Adapter Mono-pod


The SOPMOD Adapter Mono-pod or (S.A.M.) was developed by Battleline Industries to fill the gap where a need for attaching a Mono-pod to the B5/LMT SOPMOD Stock was necessary. Being robust, simple and weighing in at only 3 oz., the S.A.M. allows the operator to create a more stable shooting platform using a Mono-pod in conjunction with their B5/LMT SOPMOD stock which can be used on various weapon platforms with an AR-15/M4 receiver extension, especially the LMT L129A1 (UK) 7.62 MWS & any other variants such as an SR-25, SASS, AR-10, LaRue OBR, etc....
型番 SOPMOD Adapter Mono-pod
定価 19,800円(税抜)