Taper Mount Flash Comp, 5.56mm - 1/2x28  グリフィンアーマメント フラッシュコンプ


Griffin Armament Taper Mount Flash Comp, 5.56mm - 1/2x28

The Griffin Armament Universal Taper mount provides a rock solid sound suppressor interface for Recce, PHS, and Sportsman Silencers.

The UTM Flash Comp brings market leading muzzle stability and recoil control to the Universal Taper Mount Interface. CNC Machined of heat treated 17-4 PH billet material, the Flash Comp Taper Mount provides a sacrificial baffle to increase the service life of your Recce Precision Hunter, or Sportsman Sound Suppressor. Includes thread protector for storage or if desired when not running the silencer.

The Flash Comp is not just another muzzle device- low concussion, recoil, muzzle rise, and mid length flash suppression in one market leading muzzle device.

This device is compatible with larger caliber Taper Mount Silencers
型番 TFC556-1/2 Taper Mount Flash Comp, 5.56-1/2x28
定価 34,800円(税抜)